Findings from our most recent CARF survey

  • RCF’s groundbreaking treatment and service delivery strategies are praised by the local referring and governing agencies. RCF has firmly established itself as a leader in the state of Maryland.
  • RCF believes in the value of each individual and the truth that growth and change are apparent for each person. RCF is committed to providing staff excellence and professional services by experienced, trained staff members who are both Spanish and English-speaking professionals. The programs reflect knowledge of the latest innovative research, thereby increasing the consumers’ successful treatment and continued recovery.
  • RCF’s rapid response and implementation of safety features during the pandemic were utilized as models for other providers to follow. Referral sources indicated that RCF was diligent in implementing safety protocols for both staff and consumers.
  • The RCF staff members are clearly committed to the consumers. Staff members interviewed expressed satisfaction for the support they see consumers receive as well as the leadership providing them support.

What People are Saying

Additional CARF Findings from 2017 Survey

CARF found that the Rock Creek Foundation demonstrated the following strengths:

  • The Rock Creek Foundation’s leadership and staff members are enthusiastic about their work and the people they serve and support. They are committed to supporting people to have a good life and to live fully and inclusively in their communities.
  • Funders appreciate that the Rock Creek Foundation works very effectively with people who are experiencing many challenges and that they will reach out to the consumer when they are unable or unwilling to go to where the service is. The Foundation does great hands-on work and goes beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of the people it supports. Funders comment on the organization’s strength in serving people who have a dual diagnosis. It stands out in its refusal to see services and people in silos of services areas and presenting issues.
  • The Rock Creek Foundation uses its video conference network and technology to enhance communication and connection between and among staff across the organization. Large and colorful drill instruction posters are an effective way to train staff members and consumers.
  • The Rock Creek Foundation staff members are committed to providing positive behavior supports for persons served. Staff members are committed to positive quality life outcomes. They demonstrate compassion, advocacy, and commitment to the values and mission of the organization. Staff members are highly dedicated to the needs of the persons served and are knowledgeable about available community resources.
  • The Rock Creek Foundation staff retention rate is excellent, and the organization clearly benefits from the continuity and stability of its staffing patterns. This speaks to the dedication and commitment in support of the organization’s mission and vision.
  • The Rock Creek Foundation’s sites are accepted and respected in their local communities. The homes of the persons served are safe, comfortable, and reflect the pride they have in their home. The community housing residences are located in safe and inviting neighborhoods. They are well maintained with recent upgrades evident in some of the homes. Residences are homelike and provide consumer privacy.
  • Family members are complimentary about the quality of services provided, especially attention to the unique goals of the persons served and understanding and empathy generously offered by all staff.