Residential Services

A safe haven, a calm in the storm, a retreat from the chaos of everyday life — that’s what we all crave and look for in our home. Rock Creek Foundation’s Residential Rehabilitation Program is a sanctum to return to on the journey of self-determination and autonomy.

Within our supportive, home-like environments, our residents are encouraged to thrive and take charge of their own lives and understand the responsibilities of their agency and the validity of their own desires.

As our individuals engage and participate in personalized community activities of their choosing, they're motivated and guided by staff, clinicians, and peers to develop the daily living skills needed to thrive independently.

The truth is that none of us can do it alone and we all need a community around us as we discover and develop our identities and personal power.

The Residential Rehabilitation Program allows individuals to gain all this and more, using personalized plans that involve recovery, rehabilitation, and integration, step-by-step. We believe that progress builds incrementally and steadily and that wins happen one at a time. Your confidence, mental health, and emotional wellness are an accumulation of everyday activities.

Let us give you what you need, how you need it, and when you need it through the Residential Rehabilitation Program.

Friends watching tv and eating popcorn, rear view.
A girl makes a puzzle
Large group of volunteers huddle up before cleaning up their community.