Employment Services

The individuals of Rock Creek Foundation programs who are living with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities have a lot to contribute to their communities and, in turn, a lot to gain in terms of their own personal and professional development. Alongside our groundbreaking treatment programs, we encourage those individuals who are interested to consider the employment opportunities available to them.

Every day, Rock Creek Foundation’s friendly and knowledgeable program administrators help people through the Supported Employment Program. This innovative and highly effective opportunity allows individuals with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, and single and multiple disabilities to truly flex their independence and take an active part in personal growth and development through community-based competitive employment opportunities.

When an individual participates in the Supported Employment Program, they'll be able to gain access to engaging and meaningful employment opportunities that fit their personal strengths and learn of any need for modifications, in order to perform successfully.

We conduct a full assessment of our individuals' needs and make sure that employment opportunities match their values, skills, and interests. After all, the objectives of these positions are to help them integrate into their existing community, make an impact beyond their borders, motivate them to grow, and gain a sense of autonomy and progress through levels of competence.

Ultimately, the Supported Employment Program offered by the Rock Creek Foundation team is here, ready and available to help get the wheels moving for employment opportunities that will place an individual as a candidate for in-demand jobs, within sought-after industries, where you can create long-term relationships and grow your personal life skills.

Senior carpenter teaching young employee, both wearing face mask