Behavioral Health

Live as Independently as Possible

Are you or a loved one seeking help with a behavioral health challenge? At the Rock Creek Foundation, we believe that having a disability should not prevent anyone from having the opportunity to participate in everyday life. That’s why we have been pioneering the field of Behavioral Health Services for people living with multiple disabilities - to ensure that each person we serve can develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible, in their own communities and that they are able to realize their potential in ways that they could not do so before.


Our unique, groundbreaking programs and services are designed to encourage development and growth through ongoing, frequent contact with non-disabled persons.


Behavioral Health Services

We offer several Behavioral Health Administration Programs designed to address the special needs of the consumer through ongoing monitoring and modification of the individual’s strengths, abilities, needs, preferences, and desired outcomes, as outlined in their individual plans.


  • Psychiatric Recovery: Our psychiatric recovery services provide a multi-faceted range of services for individuals with chronic mental illness with or without the complicating problem of alcohol/substance abuse. Our person-centered, strengths-based care approach is designed to assist individuals in recovery in reaching their desired goals.
  • Mental Health Vocational Program: As part of a supported employment service, our Employment Consultants help consumers choose a job that matches their abilities, their interests, and their values. This process is aided through assessments, observational interviews, and work trials.
  • Residential Rehabilitation: Goal-directed psychiatric rehabilitation services are provided in order to facilitate rehabilitation and integration into community life.


We aim for an enlightened community that ensures that people with multiple disabilities have access to as many opportunities as possible, and are treated with understanding, dignity, and respect and that individuals and staff are dedicated and committed to improving the quality of the communities in which they live and serve.


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