Mental Health Vocational Program

It’s well-known that circumstances of social disconnection and isolation only worsen the symptoms of mental illness. After four decades of helping our individuals transform their own lives, we’ve seen exactly how essential it is for those living with disabilities and mental illnesses to feel invested in one’s personal growth and one’s community.

Individuals who have the opportunity to create connections through their jobs and vocations have a far better experience managing and overcoming their disabilities and mental illnesses. The outlook they have for their lives remains consistently hopeful and grows progressively stronger. And the impact they make on others through their employment reverberates beyond their growth like a positive ripple on their peers.

The Mental Health Vocational Program spearheaded by Rock Creek Foundation gives participants a chance to do all this and more. As part of our Supported Employment Service, individuals are matched with Employment Consultants who are their coaches and guides on the journey of the job search.

Together, individuals and consultants work to narrow down choices for jobs that align with their abilities, interests, values, and chances for growth. Through assessments, observational interviews, and work placement trials, our individuals can find the perfect fit for their mental and physical needs.

Senior carpenter teaching young employee, both wearing face mask