Day Services

Participate Fully in Everyday Living

At the Rock Creek Foundation (RCF), we value the dignity of each person, and we believe it's not the disability that causes a problem — it’s a lack of adequate services or resources that prevent people with disabilities from gaining the opportunities to participate in everyday life. That’s why, for more than four decades, we have sought the most innovative ways to provide the support, the structure, and the stability to allow people with disabilities to grow and achieve an independent life of their own.


Our unique, groundbreaking programs and services are designed to encourage development and growth through ongoing, frequent contact with non-disabled persons.


Day Habilitation Services

We offer several Day Habilitation Services to assist individuals in acquiring, retaining, or improving the self-help skills related to activities of daily living and social and adaptive skills, which are necessary to reside successfully in home and community-based settings.


  • Community Learning: We ask our individuals to set aside up to 30 hours per week to engage with others in integrated community activities. Participants include those who are retired, employed in the community for less than four hours a day, or simply individuals who want to explore other kinds of employment opportunities.
  • Employment Services: We believe people who are living with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities have a lot to contribute to their communities and, in turn, a lot to gain for their own personal and professional development. That’s why we encourage those individuals who are interested, to consider the Employment Services opportunity available to them.


RCF facilitates and supports the full participation of individuals with a disability in the fabric of everyday community life. We use integrated living, learning, working, and social environments and the utilization of natural supports and generic resources to achieve our goals which reflect our values. Additionally, the program provides behavioral, social, recreational, and practical life skills development, which may also be offered in community-based, real-life settings, including the individual's home, place of work, or caregiver’s home.

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